KCPA Print & PDI Exhibition 2022


KCPA 2022 Exhibition (Closing date 10th March 2022)

You are responsible for your own individual entry and payment.

However, do ask at your club, there may be a coordinator there who will assist, and encourage members to enter this year’s exhibition, &/or offer to drop off their prints for them.

We will accept deliveries from club coordinators, who will collect all of their club member’s images together and deliver them all together to one of the drop off points, or from individuals wishing to deliver their own entriesEXHIBITION-DROP-OFF-POINTS

There will be forms to fill in, and labels to download, but the process is easy to do. KPCA EXHIBITION FORM PDF


Payments can be made by PayPal account or Cheque (Payable to KCPA).

How many images can you enter?

A total of 30 images can be entered in each of the Print and PDI’s sections.

We have 6 Entry categories in both Print and PDI for you to enter; Colour Pictorial, Monochrome Pictorial, Portrait, Record, Nature, and Creative.

KCPA Entry fees

For the KCPA Annual Print and PDI Exhibition 2022 the minimum fee is £6 for the first three images in each section (Print and PDI), and then £1.25 per image thereafter.

How to pay

You can pay for your own individual entry via cheque or PayPal.

If paying via a cheque, please make all cheques payable to KCPA and send to 6 Cook Close, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent. ME5 8LU.

Alternatively, payments can be made using PayPal by following the instructions below.

  •  Log into your PayPal account.
  • Click on Pay or send money option.
  • Enter email address as follows competitions@kcpa.co.uk
  • Click on “Add a note”, type in YOUR NAME
  • Click continue.
  • Click send money now.

• Instructions for help in Preparing Images for the KCPA Annual Exhibition

Labels to attach to back top right-hand side of prints can be found Exhibition-Labels-Doc


Definitions are available HERE

• Help and advice at the end of the telephone or email. See contact details below.

• No need to supply Digital versions of the prints you are entering, if we need these for the website, with your permission we will photograph these, (see permissions column on entry form) or if they are selected to go forward into the PAGB Inter fed competition, you will be contacted to supply a digital version at a later date (Please, therefore, ensure you have these ready to be sent if requested by KCPA).

How to title your images.

Use BLOCK CAPITALS FOR THE IMAGE TITLE, a space followed by the word “by” and
then your name.

For example, LAKE VALLEY by Tracy Hughes

How to submit your prints to enter.

Decide which images you wish to enter.

Please ensure your entry form has the images listed alphabetically.

Fill in your entry form, the print section.

Ensure your prints are mounted and the correct sized mount is used.  See Terms and Conditions for KCPA Exhibition

Download the label template, complete the label and attach it to the top right-hand side of the back of your print.

Decide how you wish to pay for your prints – If by Cheque put the cheque in with your prints or if paying via PayPal follow the instructions above.

Remember you are able to deliver your prints yourself, or why not ask and see if your club representative is acting as a coordinator and will be able to collect in and deliver all the club's prints together to one of the drop off points.

An entry form must be emailed over to competitions@kcpa.co.uk as well as a copy of the entry form being put in with your prints themselves.

How to enter PDI’s into the exhibition.

Decide what images you wish to enter.

Fill in your entry form, the PDI section.

Please ensure your entry form has the images listed alphabetically.

Ensure your PDI’s are correctly sized. See Preparing-Images-for-the-KCPA-Annual-Exhibition

You can add your images to a DVD or USB and send to the address below, or upload them
to send via wetransfer.com to competitions@kcpa.co.uk

Full details of how to use this free upload transfer system can be found HERE 

Decide how you wish to pay for your PDI entries – If by Cheque send it to Tracy
Hughes, 6 Cook Close, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent ME5 8LU, made payable to KCPA.

If submitting prints also you can add it to the cheque you are putting in with
your prints.



Terms and Conditions for KCPA Exhibition

Definitions for annual exhibition

Any questions regarding the KCPA Annual exhibition 2022 please email competitions@kcpa.co.uk or telephone Tracy Hughes on 07966298607

The KCPA would like to wish everyone that enters the very best of luck with their images, let’s hope you will get to see your images on display at Creek Creative, Faversham, Kent.

Please pass on this information to your fellow club members, to help make this year a bumper entry (NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES)