Resolution, Sizing and Colour Space

To resize/check image size

Take the following steps in this order:


Change the Resolution to 300 (This is recommended but not obligatory)

Landscape Orientation Sizing

For Landscape Orientation make sure width is set to 1600 pixels and height will be set in proportion

Portrait Orientation Sizing

For Portrait Orientation make sure height is set to 1200 pixels and width will be set in proportion

Colour Space

When you come to Save this is the time to check you are saving as sRGB otherwise the colours may look wrong when projected.

Naming the File

Certain punctuation characters are not permitted within image titles. These are: _ # & / : ; ‘ * " ~ < > | ? \

Here is an example using Lightroom

  • JPEG, sRGB colour space
  • Width 1600, height 1200, resolution 300dpi
  • Output sharpening is optional but you may wish to apply some, to compensate from the lost of fine detail arising from resizing.
  • You may optionally wish to remove some metadata