Forms to Download

[info]KCPA-LECTURE-JUDGE-BOOKING-REQUEST  Easy to fill out Booking Request form for Judges and Lecturers, download, fill out, attach to email or post.[/info]

[info]PDF Version of Booking Request form[/info]

[info]KCPA LECTURE & JUDGE BOOKING REPLY Enclose/Attach this form with your booking request form above.[/info]

[info]PDF version of Booking Reply form[/info]

[info] JUDGES/LECTURERS REPORT FORM  To be used by Judges and Lecturers to report Associates whose conduct towards them was inadequate or rude.  [/info]

[info] KCPA ASSOCIATE REPORT FORM  To be used to report on Judges in both a positive or negative way.   [/info]