Terms and conditions for KCPA exhibitions

Main Features
* The KCPA PRINT and PDI Exhibition is held annually for individual Members of Associates and run by the KCPA. The KCPA obtained PAGB Patronage.

**Please note in order to be an associate member of the KCPA clubs subscriptions need to be confirmed by end of February**

* This Exhibition is open to photographers who are members of any of the photographic clubs affiliated to the KCPA.
* There are six entry classes: Nature, Record, Portraiture, Colour Pictorial, Monochrome Pictorial, and creative (introduced in 2018)
* A maximum of 30 prints may be entered by a photographer in each class, subject to an overall maximum of 30 prints.
A maximum of 30 PDIs may be entered by a photographer in each class, subject to an overall maximum of 30 PDIs.
* If both prints and PDIs are entered, the overall maximum is 60 images – (30 prints and 30 PDIs).
* PDI’s can be submitted via www.wetransfer.com and sent to competitions@kcpa.co.uk

General Rules

* No photographs accepted in a previous sponsored event shall be eligible for re-entry in the same event in subsequent years, but they are eligible for other KCPA competitions.
* Image titles must not exceed 35 characters.
* No more than 3 distinctions to be accredited to a photographer.
* All entries MUST be recorded on the entry form provided and sent to competitions@kcpa.co.uk and if entering prints a copy of the form must be included with your prints when they are delivered.

*All aspects and Copyright of every image MUST be your total and exclusive work as the submitting photographer. You may not include any element that was originated by or is the copyright of   other photographers. You may not use clip-art or elements from stock photography.
* No Watermarks, titles or photographer’s name/qualifications are to appear on an image.
* All entries are accepted in good faith. The entrant agrees to indemnify the Judges, Exhibition Organisers and other related parties against any litigation that may arise if entered images do not have the necessary permissions to be published in Exhibition-related documents, or on any website associated with the Exhibition.
* The Exhibition Organisers’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
* The Exhibition Organisers have the right to withdraw acceptances should it become apparent that an image was ineligible.
* The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to reproduce any entry (without fee) in connection with the competition (e.g. on the CD and KCPA website).

NB When permission has not been given on the entry form, we will respect your decision and will ensure they are not shown on the website
* The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to either reject an image, or to not show an accepted image, if it is deemed offensive to a wider public audience.
* The Exhibition Organisers reserve the right to reject images which do not meet the entry criteria, primarily if the size of the Print Mount is too small, too large or too thick to fit the display frames.
Where an image is rejected for whatever reason, no refunds will be payable to the individual!
* Copyright remains with the photographer.
* Submission of entries will be taken as acceptance of all conditions.
* It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that his/her contact details are kept up to date.

Image Preparation Guidance – Prints –
* Print Mounts must be 50 x 40 cm and a maximum of 4mm thick. The actual image can be any size, but mounts that deviate from these sizes will be rejected, as they will not fit the frames used to display winning entries.
* The Title of the image and the Photographer’s name should be written on the back of the image in the TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER, this text will be also be used to determine the orientation of the print. Use only the label template provided and then affix the label to each individual print you are entering.
* The labels will dictate the way in which the image is displayed so please ensure they are correctly placed on the back of the image.
* The images should then be ordered in A-Z title order as stated on the Entry form.
* This should be printed out and must be included with your package of prints. Please ensure that your images are packed all together, and not individually.

*A email of the entry form must also be sent to competitions@kcpa.co.uk

  • * Prints should be sent to one of the drop off points by the individual or the club coordinator if they agree to collect together all the clubs print entries.

* Prints can be produced using conventional silver-based technology or by electronic or mechanical means and maybe third party processed. Prints that have been produced or enhanced by electronic means are allowed provided that the components used to produce the final image are the original photographic work of the photographer.
* An image entered in this Exhibition as a PDI cannot be entered as a PRINT and vice versa.
* Un-mounted prints are NOT acceptable.
* Framed prints are NOT permitted.
* Prints must be capable of being stored with other work without causing damage due to poor mounting and / or the use of abrasive / sticky materials e.g. Velcro / cellotape. Failure to satisfactorily mount prints may result in them being rejected, with no refund being given!
* * The Awarded Print entries will be hung along with accepted images. The number of images hung may alter each year depending on the space allotted in the various venues hired for the event. 

Image Preparation Guidance – PDIs –
* The image must not exceed 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. Images that are smaller than these dimensions are acceptable but will appear smaller when projected for judging. The online submission web site will not allow you to enter an image which is too big, it will give you a warning message to show that you need to make the image smaller, before trying to upload it again to the system.* The files must be in JPEG format.
* Each image file must be no larger than 3 Mb.
* It is suggested but not obligatory that the print resolution should be set to 300 ppi for catalogue printing purposes. Please note that this print resolution setting has no effect on the quality of your projected image.
* We suggest for PDI entries you project and review your images at 100% magnification before submission. Your digital images are presented for assessment by our judges using a colour calibrated digital projector using sRGB Colour Space.
* Please do not add any unnecessary borders to your images. Black borders serve no purpose for digital projection, while white borders can distract the eye from the image. A thin stroke around the image is acceptable.
* Only JPG images will be accepted. An sRGB colour space will be assumed. It is strongly recommended that submitted images should have been converted to the sRGB colour space, otherwise the Judge will probably not see the same colours that you do!
* Image titles will be displayed during the selection process and will appear in the catalogue and on the results web pages. Please check your spelling!
* Certain punctuation characters are not permitted within image titles. These are: _ # & / : ; * ” ~ < > | ? \
* * The Winning PDI’s and accepted PDI images will be projected at the Presentation evening, and whilst every effort will be made to show them during the Exhibition it is not guaranteed.
Submitting Entries
* Entries must be submitted using the entry forms only, images submitted without an entry form will not be accepted.
* The entry must be paid for and payment received before 30th April. If paying via cheque, put this in with your prints or sent to the address show if entering PDI’s,

If paying via Payal follow instructions given.

Further information on sending in PDI images can be found via INSTRUCTIONS ON SENDING PDI IMAGES

Entry Fees and payment
* For the KCPA Annual PDI Exhibition the minimum fee is £6 for the first three images in each section (PDI), and then £1.25 per image thereafter.

* If the maximum entry is made in the PDI’s section the cost is £39.75.

* Payment should be made via cheque payable to KCPA or via paypal.

Privacy Policy
* Details of entrants will be stored and used solely for the purposes of administering this annual exhibition, including informing entrants of subsequent Kent County Photographic Association exhibitions.
*  You will notice on the entry form there is a permissions column this allows you to decided whether you wish for your image to be shown on the KCPA website or not.

* The Selectors will normally award PAGB Gold Medals and PAGB Ribbons plus Merit Awards in each of the following classes: Nature, Record, Portraiture, Colour Pictorial, Monochrome Pictorial and Creative as per KCPA guidelines.

* The Judges will normally award PAGB Gold Medals and PAGB Ribbons plus Merit Awards in each of the following classes: Nature, Record, Portraiture, Colour Pictorial, Monochrome Pictorial and Creative as per KCPA guidelines