1. Name

The Kent County Photographic Association (KCPA) was founded in 1951 and is the parent body for photographic societies and camera clubs within Kent, as well as clubs in South East London and East Sussex who choose to be affiliated to PAGB via the KCPA.

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) is the parent body for photographic societies and camera clubs within Great Britain.  Membership of the PAGB is via affiliation to one of its fifteen regional member Federations.  The KCPA is a Member Federation.


  1. Objectives

The KCPA shall encourage participation between members (Associates) by: -

Promoting co-operation.

Organising photographic competitions and exhibitions.

Participating in PAGB events.

Providing and maintaining a quality judging and lecturing service.

Publishing an Annual Yearbook.

Maintaining the KCPA website.

Promoting courses, workshops and other events.


  1. Responsibilities

The Committee may exercise the following powers provided any actions conform with all legal requirements.

3.1       Raise monies and receive contributions, provided no substantial permanent trading is involved.

3.2       Buy, lease, or exchange property necessary to achieve the objectives of the KCPA and maintain in good order.

3.3       Sell or dispose of any part of the assets.

3.4       Co-operate with other organisations and exchange information and advice.


  1. Membership

Membership of the KCPA is open to all photographic organisations primarily located within the boundary defined in Clause 1.

4.1.      All Associates are affiliated to the PAGB.

4.2.      Any photographic organisation seeking membership, should contact the KCPA Honorary Secretary.

4.3.      Membership is subject to approval at an AGM, and the payment of the annual subscription.

4.4.      Any Associate, whose annual subscription is more than two months in arrears, may have membership withdrawn.

4.5.      Membership enquiries from a photographic organisation outside the  KCPA boundary will be considered on merit.

4.6.      The KCPA Committee may, with a majority, recommend termination of membership for any Associate whose action it considers might bring the Association into disrepute. 

The Associate shall have the right to appeal, and any recommendations must then be ratified at a EGM or the AGM.

4.7.      The KCPA Committee may grant limited “Affiliation” to neighbouring photographic organisations wishing to avail themselves of specific PAGB services (currently South London Federation has an arrangement for PAGB insurance).


  1. The KCPA Committee

The KCPA Committee shall include the following posts


            Senior Vice-President.

            Junior Vice-President.

            Honorary Secretary.

            Honorary Treasurer.

            Yearbook Co-ordinator

            Publicity Officer


            PAGB Awards  Officer

            PAGB Representative on PAGB Executive

            Insurance Officer

            Exhibition Officer


            ex officio Immediate Past President.

            ex officio Honorary Life Vice President(s).

            3 committee members.


The committee shall be no larger than 18 members with a quorum of 7, two or more jobs may be undertaken by one person.


     6.Election of the KCPA Committee

All officers and members of the KCPA Committee shall retire annually at the AGM and may, where eligible, be available for re-election.

6.1       The President shall not be eligible for more than three consecutive  years of office. Any time spent as “Acting President” shall not apply.

6.2       Nominations for election to the KCPA Committee can be made by an Associate, or by the KCPA Committee.  Applications must be in writing/email and be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary 14 days before the meeting.  All nominees must confirm their willingness to stand in writing/email.

6.3       The Honorary Secretary shall present all received nominations to the AGM.

6.4       Should the number of nominations exceed positions available, election shall be by majority in a ballot.


       7.Powers of the KCPA Committee

The Committee shall administer the affairs of the KCPA, including: -

7.1       Controlling the assets of the KCPA, establishing bank accounts and conducting financial affairs.

7.2       Removing from KCPA Committee anyone no longer a member of an Associate.

7.3       Co-opting “Assistants” for specific events and tasks. (non-voting)

7.4       Inviting non-voting persons to a meeting, where they have specific knowledge of an item of business.

7.5       To ensure there are sufficient committee members to fulfil the necessary tasks, the KCPA committee shall be empowered to co-opt additional members, with voting rights, provided the committee is no larger than 18 members

7.6       Appointing sub-committees and determining their terms of reference. The President is a member of each and every sub committee

7.7       Maintaining the KCPA website and issuing the KCPA Yearbook.

7.8       Recognising individual long and/or exceptional service to the KCPA, by awarding Honorary Life Vice Presidency.

7.9       Recognising individual long and/or exceptional service to an Associate, by awarding the Distinguished Service Award.  (At the request of an Associate, in writing, to KCPA Committee).


  1. Meetings of the KCPA Committee

KCPA Committee meetings shall be held as appropriate and chaired by the President, or the Senior/Junior Vice President.

8.1       A quorum shall exist when at least seven Committee members are present.

8.2       The KCPA Committee shall keep recorded and archived minutes of all meetings. 

8.3       Any Associate may request a copy of any minutes. This request must be in writing and addressed to the KCPA Honorary Secretary.

8.4       The KCPA Committee may make, or modify, any rule, standing order, or regulation, but no change may be made that is inconsistent with the Constitution.

8.5       A Delegates Meeting will be held once a year at which two nominated delegates from each Associate may attend in addition to KCPA Committee members.

8.6       The KCPA Committee may appoint sub-committees or advisory bodies, to administer any task it considers more appropriately undertaken in that manner. The KCPA Committee shall define their terms of reference and require them to report all recommendations for consideration/approval. 


  1. Receipts and Expenditure

The funds of the KCPA, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account managed by the KCPA Committee and operated in the Association’s name.

9.1       The Committee may operate one or more bank accounts as considered appropriate.

9.2       All cheques drawn on any Association account, must be signed by two of four authorised members of the KCPA Committee.

9.3       Funds belonging to the KCPA shall only be used in the furtherance of its Objectives.

9.4       The Honorary Treasurer must immediately advise the Committee of any impending threat to the solvency of the KCPA.


  1. Procedure at General Meetings

 10.1    The President, or in his/her absence, the Senior or Junior Vice- President shall act as Chairman before commencing business.

10.2    The Honorary Secretary, or any other appointed for the purpose, shall keep a record of proceedings at every meeting.

10.3    All KCPA Committee members, plus two delegates from each Associate, are permitted to vote.  All voters must register with the

Honorary Secretary before commencement of the meeting and must be given a voting card. 

10.4    There shall be a quorum when 15 voting members are present.

10.5    If a quorum is not achieved 30 minutes after its starting time, the meeting shall be adjourned.  A new meeting must then take place within 6 weeks of the original date.


  1. The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year on the last Saturday in June, or as soon after as practicable.  It must not, however, be held more than three months from the end of the financial year.

11.1    The Honorary Secretary shall give at least 28 days’ notice of the meeting in writing/email, enclosing the draft minutes of the previous AGM and the agenda.  These will be sent to the named Secretary of each Associate.

11.2    Any member of an Associate may attend the AGM in a non-voting capacity.

11.3    Nominations for election to the KCPA Committee can be made by any Associate or by the KCPA Committee, must be in writing/email, and be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM. The person nominated must confirm, in writing/email, their willingness to stand.

11.4    The incoming KCPA Committee shall be elected by those with voting cards and shall take office at the conclusion of the meeting.

11.5    Business at the AGM shall be: -

            President’s Report.

            Financial Report on the audited accounts.

            Financial Examiner’s Report.

            Officers’ Reports.

            Settle the Membership fee for the forthcoming year.

            Elect the Committee for the following year.

            Elect the Financial Examiner.

            Elect four delegates from the elected KCPA Committee to attend General Meetings of the PAGB

            Address any previously circulated proposals requiring a vote.


  1. Extra-ordinary General Meeting

An EGM shall be held when the President, or five members of the KCPA Committee, or five Associates, call such a meeting in writing/email. The agenda must state the resolution and show the proposer and seconder.  The Honorary Secretary shall call the meeting, with details of the resolution, giving 28 days’ notice.  Attendance and voting details are given in section 10.


  1. Notices

Any notice served on an Associate, or one of its members, shall be in writing or email and shall be served by the KCPA Honorary Secretary to the Honorary Secretary of that Associate at their last known postal/email address. It shall be deemed to have been received seven days after its despatch.


  1. Voting

Every KCPA Committee member and each Associate Delegate, shall have one vote on any resolution on which they are entitled to vote. A KCPA Committee member who is also an Associate Delegate will only have one vote. Every resolution shall be decided by a majority of votes cast by those present and entitled to vote. Any motion not achieving a majority will be deemed to have failed.  The Constitution does not permit proxy or postal votes at any meetings.


   15. Changes to the Constitution

The Constitution may only be changed by a resolution at an AGM.  A formal proposal is required and the proposer and seconder identified. The proposal should state the details of the changes proposed, and be supported by a majority of the voting members present.


  1. Dissolution

Should the KCPA Committee recommend dissolution of the Association, an EGM must be called, giving twenty-eight days’ notice and stating the reasons.  If the proposal is supported by a majority of the voting members present, the KCPA Committee shall realise all assets of the Association.  Any assets remaining after the settlement of all debts/liabilities shall be given, or transferred, to other institutions, as the KCPA Committee sees fit.




 The purpose of the Standing Orders set out below is to assist in the smooth running of all KCPA meetings

  1. Only those with voting rights and who are present at meetings may vote.
  2. The Chairman shall have over-riding authority over the conduct and procedure of the meeting.           
  3. If the Chairman is standing, all others persons shall yield the floor, and resume their seats.
  4. All speakers shall speak through the Chair when addressing the meeting, identifying themselves by name and Associate.
  5. Speakers when addressing an annual report or the audited accounts shall be limited to three minutes on each topic.
  6. Resolutions for discussion shall be in writing and be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary at least twenty eight days prior to the meeting.  EGMs are exempted because they are called to resolve a specific topic. 
  7. The proposer of a motion shall be limited to five minutes, the seconder to three minutes and all other speakers to two minutes. The Chair will call an end to the debate. Proposer’s right to reply shall be limited to three minutes.
  8. No delegate shall speak more than once to a motion, or in debate, but the proposer of a motion shall have a right to reply by invitation from the Chairman. After this the Chairman shall call for a vote on the motion.
  9. A point of order shall take precedence over all other business, but   there can be no discussion. The Chairman shall rule as to its validity.
  10. A point of information shall only be accepted, if the speaker agrees to yield the floor.
  11. A proposal that the matter be remitted to the KCPA Committee shall require a majority vote.
  12. The Chairman shall have the power to extend time limits in debate, as appropriate.
  13. In the event of a tied vote, the motion is rejected as it has failed to achieve a majority vote.
  14. A motion that the Chairman leaves the chair requires a proposer and seconder and a majority vote.
  15. Delegates or KCPA Committee members from any Associate, whose annual subscription is more than two months in arrears, shall not be entitled to vote.
  16. Observers may only speak through the chair at the invitation of the Chairman, but KCPA Committee members shall have a right to speak, whether or not they are delegates.
  17. Should any person at the meeting doggedly interrupt the proceedings and refuse to be called to order, the Chairman shall move “the person may not be heard”.  This proposal by the Chairman shall be put and determined, without further discussion.
  18. The chairman may halt the meeting if interruptions persist. In this case, any decisions already agreed will stand. 

(Constitution passed at AGM 2018)