The KCPA was formed in the early fifties when clubs from Maidstone, Medway, Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury and Folkestone met to discuss the formation of a Kent based association mainly to provide a list of  judges and lecturers.  M.W Handley was the first President of the newly formed KCPA and it was decided to hold an annual Print Competition in which all the clubs could participate. The first of these was held in Maidstone in 1951 to celebrate the  Festival of Britain and a cup was donated by Mr Ross this competition has evolved into the inter-club print competition we know today as the "Ross Cup".
Today there are almost 50 Associate Clubs belonging to the KCPA and the Association goes from strength to strength. The Executive Committee offer support and advice to all the clubs and provide highly qualified Judges and Lecturers to enable Club’s to provide interesting and informative meetings to their membership.

This area, which will be added to in the near future, is where records can be found detailing people who have contributed to the KCPA in various capacities over the years, and it is the service, given by past Presidents, Committees and entrants to all the competitions, since its inception, that make it the strong organisation that we have today.

Listed below are the past winners from the last ten years of the various Competitions run by the KCPA


Year Pictorial Colour Pictorial Monochrome Record Portraiture Nature
2002 Tony Thompson Richard Walton Les Ayres Roger Stevens Tony Thompson
2003 Rod Edwards Angela Ford Roger Force Chris Shore Tony Thompson
2004 Patricia Jones Paul Adams John Howard Helen Fairly Tony Thompson
2005 Roy Moore Patricia Jones Ernie Goodyear Derek Hodge Adrian Campfield
2006 Fay Edwards Patricia Jones Brian Hazel Pierre Gibbons Peter Ratcliffe
2007 Sylvia Wilbur Patricia Jones Clive Tanner Martin Jordan Mike Gleave
2008 Steve Peet Chris Shore Clive Tanner Martin Jordan James Foad
2009 Steve Burtrand Steve Peet Deborah Armour Martin Jordan John Renton
2010 Steve Peet Steve Peet Stan Spurling Helen Cooper Duncan Armour
2011 Garry Shorter Jim Moody-Smith Ray Bridges Steve Peet Shelia Sargeant
2012 Paul Gavin Maurilio Tesor Garry Bisshopp Cathy Roberts Ian Stone



Year Pictorial Colour Pictorial Monochrome Record Portraiture Nature
2002 Rod Edwards
Roger Force
Tony Gardner
Mike Whitton
John Devenport
Les Ayres
Ray Munday Mervyn Taylor Bob Pearson Mervyn Taylor
2003 Helen Fairly
John Hunt
Roger Ford
Patricia Jones
John Wigmore Audrey Shaddock Roger Stevens Richard Hunt John A Clark Tony Thompson
2004 Patricia Jones
Roy Carey
Roger Ford
Roger Ford
Roy Carey
Dave Fuller
Patricia Jones John Wigmore Peter Allen
2005 Patricia Jones
Clive Tanner
Richard Walton
David Brown
John Wigmore
Peter Allen
Chris Upton
Ray Munday
Ian Stone
Patricia Jones
2006 Christine Chambers Ron Edwards Julie Avendal
Helen Taylor
Dave Tovey
John Watterson
Liz Scott
Mervyn Taylor
Alan Crotty
Marie-Laure Stone
2007 Audrey Shaddock Patricia Jones Colin Westgate
Christine Chambers
Arthur Page
Keith Evans
Helen Taylor
Martin Jordan
Denis Allam
Ian Stone
2008 Duncan Armour Marie-Laure Stone Helen Taylor
Brian Barkley
Helen Cooper
Only One Award
Marie-Laure Stone
Alan Pemberton
Sue North
Ian Stone
2009 Steve Jones
Steve Peet
Ray Bridges
Patricia Jones
Duncan Armour
Helen Cooper
Alan Pemberton
Helen Taylor
Colin Batt
Dale Sutton
2010 Paul Adams
Pat Broad
Cathy Roberts
Stan Spurling
Not Awarded Philip Hinton
Cathy Roberts
Helen Cooper
Swales Parry
2011 Steve Peet
Audrey Weekes
Pat Broad
Clive Tanner
Frank Page Clive Tanner Ian Farrant
Steve Peet
Duncan Armour Richard Pettett
2012 Swales Parry
Clive Tanner
Phil Hinton
William Metson
Mike Chambers Maurilio Teso Richard Tickner Steve Peet Paul Adams Michael Windle



Year Cup Winner Judge/s Host Club
2002 Tonbridge C.C B Elliott FRPS EFIAP Ashford Quest P.S
2003 Ashford Quest P.SSittingbourne P.S Irene Froy FRPS EFIAP APAGB BPE3* Sevenoaks C.C
2004 Tonbridge C.C M. Chambers ARPS EFIAP MPAGB BPE5* Bromley C.C
2005 Maidstone C.C N Scott FRPS EFIAP MPAGB APAGB Deal & District C.C
2006 Tonbridge C.C G Edmunds ABIPP AMPA ARPS EFIAP DPAGB Bexleyheath P.S
2007 A.G Mono Hugh Milsom FRPS MFIAP Invicta P.C
2008 A.G MonoTonbridge C.C Peter Morss ARPS DPAGB Tonbridge C.C
2009 Ashford P.S Vanessa Slawson FRPS AFIAP DPAGB Reflex P.S
2010 Gateway C.C Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Bexleyheath P.S
2011 Tonbridge C.C Barbie Lindsay MPAGB FBPE EFIAP Invicta
2012 Eastbourne P.S Margaret Salisbury FRPS MFIAP FIPF APAGB Tonbridge



Year Premier Award Associate Landscape Trophy Associate
2002 B. Pearson ARPS Tonbridge C.C J. Norton St Mary’s Bay C.C
2003 N. Van Dijk FRPS Beckenham P.S P. Jones FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Sevenoaks C.C
2004 R. Force FRPS DPAGB Dartford & District P.S M. Taylor DPAGB BPE4* Tonbridge C.C
2005 A Crotty CPAGB Ashford Quest P.S A. Campfield Photo Digital Club
2006 A. Ford ARPS Bromley C.C M. Teso ARPS Eastbourne P.S
2007 N. Van Dijk FRPS DPAGB Beckenham P.S E. Moon Seaford P.S
2008 Clive Tanner FRPS Maidstone C.C Chris Shore FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE4* A.G. Mono
2009 J. Watts Canterbury P.S P. Humphrey LRPS Orpington P.S
2010 D. Armour LRPS Ashford P.S D. Scopes CPAGB Gateway C.C
2011 Stu Mayhew Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society Bennie Jane Cross. St Mary's Bay C. C
2012 John Abrook Orpington Photographic Society Tim King. Seaford Photographic Society



Year Winning Clubs Host Club Judge
2009  Tonbridge C.C  KCPA  
2010 Tonbridge C.C KCPA Ken Scott
2011 Tonbridge C.C & Ashford P.S KCPA Ken Scott
 2012  Tonbridge C.C Bexhill  Rosemary Wilman



Year Trophy Creative Nature Pictorial Portraiture Record
2005 Alan Crotty   Alan Crotty Ray Moore John Watterson Clive Tanner
2006 Michael Gilburt   Mike Auger Alan Crotty Brian Farey John Lewis
2007 Duncan Armour Ray Bridges Dale Sutton Duncan Armour M- Laure Stone Clive Tanner
2008 Dale Sutton Carol Lewis M-Laure Stone John Wigmore Roger M Stevens Swales Parry
2009 Cathy Roberts   Bob Devine Cathy Roberts Cathy Roberts Carol Lewis
2010 Peter Tulloch   Deborah Armour Brian Woods David Howse Harry Slack
2011 Shelia Sargeant   John Bogle Paul Adams Gay Biddlecombe Chas Bedford



Year Winner Best Photography Best Sound Best Transitions
2008 Daan Eksteen Sandie Wilson Daan Eksteen June Hill
2009 Daan Eksteen Andy Wood Peter Allen Barbara Piper
2010 Melanie Chalk Alan Carter Jeffrey Wagner Melanie Chalk
2011 Melanie Chalk John Long Mike Foster Mike Jones


Older Winners

Premier Award, Mick Smithson Shield & Landscape Trophy

Year Premier Award * Associate Landscape Trophy Associate
1953 S K Lazell Royal Tunbridge Wells PS    
1955 N D Osborne Medway CC    
1956 A J Page Faversham & District CC    
1958 H White Bromley CC    
1959 R T Vincent Sevenoaks CC    
1961 D J B Cooper Bromley CC    
1962 G Pizey Sidcup CC    
1963 R W Pearson Sidcup & Eltham PS    
1964 D J M Simmonds Bromley CC    
1965 P S Hedgeland Maidstone CC    
1966 J W Lloyd-Dixon Bexleyheath PS    
1967 T C Stephen Bromley CC    
1969 A Bailey Folkestone CC    
1970 D Dent Tonbridge CC    
1971 R Hawes Bromley CC    
1972 D Callingham Orpington PS    
1973 R Hawes Bromley CC    
1974 J Wigmore Ashford (Kent) CC    
1975 D Dent Tonbridge CC    
1976 R Pine Tonbridge CC    
1977 D Brookes Tonbridge CC    
1978 R Walker Folkestone CC    
1979 D Dent Tonbridge CC    
1980 J Wigmore FRPS &F Coppins ARPS Ashford (Kent) CCTonbridge CC    
1981 R Force & B Whiston Dartford PS & Tonbridge CC    
1982 P Clarke LRPS Ashford (Kent) CC    
1983 J Wigmore FRPS Ashford (Kent) CC    
1984 P Greenwood FRPS Tonbridge CC    
1985 A Worobiec ARPS Ashford (Kent) CC    
1986 A J Page ARPS Faversham & District CC    
1987 D Smith Ashford (Kent) CC N A Charley Orpington PS
1988 F Barraclough Folkestone CC J Abrook FRPS Orpington PS
1989 L Davis ARPS Bromley CC F Coppins ARPS Tonbridge CC
1990 R Ford ARPS Bromley CC T Insull Bexleyheath PS
1991 R Force ARPS Dartford & District PS T Insull Bexleyheath PS
1992 D Nuttall Dartford & District PS R Gray Sevenoaks CC
1993 Mrs A Birkett FRPS &B Sharp Bromley CCSevenoaks CC B Whiston Tonbridge CC
1994 D Dixon FRPS Tonbridge CC R Crane LRPS Sidcup CC
1995 T Dakin FRPS Tonbridge CC P Foley FRPS Orpington PS
1996 J Howard ARPS Orpington PS I Platt MFIAP FRPS ESFIAP APAGB Tonbridge CC
1997 I Platt MFIAP FRPS Tonbridge CC R Walton ARPS CPAGB BPE1* Sittingbourne PS
1998 N Duncan ARPS Bromley CC I Platt MFIAP FRPS ESFIAP APAGB Tonbridge CC
1999 V Parker Faversham and District CC T Crone Aperture P G
Year Premier Award * Associate Landscape Trophy Associate
2000 J Howard ARPS DPAGB Orpington PS C Shore FRPS DPAGB BPE3 Romney Marsh CC
2001 B Sharp Orpington PS J Butler ARPS DPAGB APAGB Tonbridge CC
2002 B Pearson ARPS Tonbridge CC J Norton St Mary’s Bay CC
2003 N Van Dijk FRPS Beckenham PS Mrs P Jones FRPS EFIAP MPAGB Sevenoaks CC
2004 R Force FRPS DPAGB Dartford & District PS M Taylor DPAGB BPE4* Tonbridge CC
2005 A Crotty CPAGB Ashford Quest PS A Campfield Photo Digital C
2006 A Ford ARPS Bromley CC M Teso ARPS Eastbourne PS
2007 N van Dijk FRPS DPAGB Beckenham PS E Moon Seaford PS
2008 Clive Tanner FRPS Maidstone CC Chris Shore FRPS MPAGB EFIAPBPE4* Ag Mono
2009 Joseph Watts Canterbury PS Peter Humphrey LRPS Orpington PS

a)                 The Mick Smithson Shield was also presented from 1978 onwards.

St Regis Sisal Kraft Tape and Slide Trophy Winners

Year No. St Regis Sisal Kraft Tape and Slide Trophy Associate Entries
1978 1 K Purnell Tonbridge CC  
1979 2 A Young Tonbridge CC  
1980 3 W Jones Royal Tunbridge Wells PS  
1981 4 W Jones Royal Tunbridge Wells PS 15
1982 5 W Jones, A Young and P Constable Royal Tunbridge Wells PS andTonbridge CC and Tonbridge CC 13
1985 6 W Jones FRPS Royal Tunbridge Wells PS 23
1987 7 W Jones FRPS AFIAP Royal Tunbridge Wells PS 16
1989 8 A Young Tonbridge CC 12
1991 9 W Jones FRPS AFIAP Royal Tunbridge Wells PS 17
1993 10 B Medhurst & C Bennett Sidcup CC 13
1995 11 N Veale FRPS Bexleyheath PS 15
1997 12 N Veale FRPS EFIAP Bexleyheath PS 14
1999 13 A Young Tonbridge CC 17
2002 14 Reg Sheppard FRPS DPAGB APAGB Maidstone CC 13
2004 15 Bob Brisley Folkestone CC 13
2006 16 Jeff Wagner Isle of Thanet CC 2


Folkestone Camera Club Trophy Winners

Year Folkestone Camera Club Trophy Associate Entries
1989 Trevor Youé Isle of Thanet PS 7
1993 Fred & Mary Dwight Canterbury CC 1
1995 Mick Gilburt LRPS Ashford (Kent) CC 1
1997 No entries   0
1999 No entries   0
2002 No entries   0
2004* Roy Moore Maidstone CC 13
2006* Mike Jones Maidstone CC 31

*Trophy awarded for digitally projected entries

Follow the link to view the Historical Winners of the Ross Cup