Tribute to Frank Holmes

It is with sadness that we have to report the death of Frank Holmes, one of the longest standing members of the Sittingbourne Photographic Society. I know he was well known across the area for his photography and presentations. 

Our Honorary President Sam Pellat had the following tribute:

This really is the end of an era. Frank was a member of Sittingbourne Camera Club from way back. He was one of the original members, probably the only one, of the original members of Sittingbourne Photographic Society.

A prolific camera collector, a well and prolific photographer well known throughout the community for his audio visual slideshow’s.

Rest in peace Frank you will be sadly missed.

Long standing member Terry Mahoney shared the following:

I’ve known Frank Holmes as a friend and photographer for the best part of 25 years – he was a warm and generous person.

I recall 20 years ago when the new Sheppey Bridge was being constructed, I had one of the contracts to photograph the structure as it arose over the Swale for Carillion the Contractor undertaking the work.

Everything went well for the first years photographs and then one day bedecked in all my H&S hi vis boots/gloves and glasses etc. I noticed the head of a man moving slowly through the tall reed grass and then moving around the site area.

Not wishing to cause alarm, I moved as stealthily as I could towards the trespasser calling out to him “what do you think you’re doing?” his reply came back with a comical laugh  “same as you Terry taking photographs”. He’d been watching me for the past month.

We had a laugh and a cup of tea after and then I loaned him a hi vis and pointed out the areas where he wouldn’t be caught trespassing and could photograph safely.

Frank was heavily into AV production and when he put his Sheppey Bridge AV together some years later I was happy to let him have some of my images.

Frank was a lovely man and I’m proud to be called one of his friends.

Fellow member Miles added:

I liked Frank. I chatted with him about film photography and cameras very often. We found out we used the same cameras in the past. We also spoke about how we got around problems associated with film photography. I shall miss this.I had a great deal of respect for him as a photographer and his knowledge of cameras. I for one will miss him.

As the club enters its 50th season we say goodbye to one of our founding members


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