The KCPA Audio Visual Competition rules.

The KCPA Audio Visual Competition.

This Competition is an annual event and whilst organised in previous years by Associate clubs, since 2019 is now organised by the KCPA, with awards for the following:

  • Best Audio Visual Trophy (The Folkestone Town Council Trophy is awarded to the winner of the competition), 2nd & 3rd placed entrant will get a certificate.
  • Best Photography (Donated by Maidstone CC).
  • Best Sound (Donated by Bob & Gill Brisley)
  • Best Transitions (Donated by Jeff & Sylvia Wagner)
  • Best Sequence from a First Time Entrant (Donated by Bob Brisley & introduced 2014)
  • The Most Humorous Sequence trophy (Introduced in 2017 & trophy donated by Hailsham P.S)
  • The Most Creative sequence trophy (introduced 2017 & trophy donated by Tonbridge C.C.)
  • Merit award certificates (Maximum 5) may be awarded at the discretion of the judge(s)
  • Audience vote certificate (to be decided at the event).


The Competition.

The competition is open to all members of Associates of the KCPA.


The duration of a sequence must not exceed 10 minutes.


The production must be the original work of the entrant and his/her declared co-authors and collaborators.


An entrant’s name may not be credited to more than the number of sequences stated, either as the author or a co-author.
Sequences already accepted at previous KCPA Audio Visual Competitions will not be eligible.

The entrants name should NOT appear on the sequence. If this occurs it will not be accepted.


An experienced judge, appointed by the KCPA, will decide the winners of the awards.


If the predicted running time of the entries exceeds the available time of the competition, the organising committee reserves the right to pre-select.

Technical Requirements. (Revised Rules to include different formats and use of third party images and video) (March 2014)

  • The AV can be created in any of the following formats: .exe .avi .mov .m4v
  • The Sequence must run with no additional software requirements, play with a double click and return to the window from which it was opened. NOTE: if you use ProShow software, please see this link (PROSHOW - CREATING EXECUTABLES) to see how to create an AV which satisfies these criteria.
  • Don’t place a limit to the number of times a sequence may be played.
  • The Competition will be played through “VideoLan” media player software on a digital projector with a resolution of 1920 x 1080px ( it is recommended that image sizes do not exceed the projector's output). If the size is smaller (such as 1024 x 768 or 1400 x 1050) then it will project smaller with a black background. A Windows computer and sound system will be provided by the KCPA to run the Competition.
  • The use of third party images, animated graphics, video clips or other visual material should be appropriate to the production.
  • Entries may be submitted via Wetransfer, MailBigFile or equivalent (but NOT DropBox). Please see this link INSTRUCTIONS-ON-SENDING-SEQUENCES
  • Alternatively, sequences may be burned to CD/DVD, indelibly labelled with your name and the title(s). All sequences will be copied to the Hard Drive for projection. Any CD/DVDs submitted will be available for collection before the start of the competition: If not collected, they will be destroyed.


Event entry fees are determined by the KCPA and should be paid with each member’s entry.

Closing Date.

Entry form and fee (if by cheque) must reach the nominated person by the closing date. For the 2019 competition, the date is Sunday 15th September 2019.


Please ensure your AV(s) & Payment is received between Sunday 30th July to close of Sunday 15th September.

Unacceptable sequences.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to sequences that they may consider, in their absolute discretion, to be undesirable, unsuitable or incorrectly programmed for projection at the event.

Copyrights & Responsibility.

In accordance with established copyright regulations, sequences presented at the Competition should be free of all rights of ownership, artistic or otherwise, which others may hold. By participating in the Competition authors of Audio-Visual Sequences indemnify the organisers against all and any action which may be taken against them by owners of copyrights. The organisers will accept no responsibility in the case of dispute or litigation. All care will be taken in the handling of sequences, but the organisers cannot accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage.

Condition of Entry.

The submission of an entry implies the acceptance of these Rules and permission for the Sequence to be shown in public at this competition only.