APM Adjudications

The April 2024 PAGB APM hosted by the SCPF at Basingstoke saw three successful candidates from KCPA associate clubs.  Congratulations go to Chistopher Sawyer, Orpington PS for achieving Badge Award, Roger Parker, Maidstone CC for achieving a Print DPAGB and Alan Cork, Tonbridge CC for achieving a Print EPAGB.  For those who attended, despite the inclement weather, the event provided a wonderful opportunity to see the exceptional standard of UK club photography on display and chat with look-minded people from all over the country.  The next APM will be in Winsford, Cheshire, hosted by the PAGB on 23/24 November 2024 and booking up fast!
Alan Cork

On the subject of PAGB Accreditation, Clive Tanner writes:
I was at the APM adjudications at Basingstoke over the weekend and jolly good it was!  Several members of KCPA clubs submitted entries for various levels of distinction, some were successful others not quite. I would like to commend all who entered, congratulating those who achieved their goal and commiserating those who did not quite achieve the required levels. I do hope that the PAGB offer of mentoring will be taken up to encourage those who are considering applying next time. It is not an easy process particularly without the help, encouragement and support of fellow club members but the joy of achieving one of the distinctions is worth the work and effort to prepare an entry.

 As I travel around KCPA member clubs I see quite a lot of their pictures and am sure several members could be successful with help and encouragement from the committee, judges and fellow club members. The next APM assessment will be in November 2024 so why not have a go?

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