The Masters of Print

The Masters of Print exhibition is on show now at Creek Creative Studios in Faversham Kent ME13 7BE
Open Daily from 10am to 4pm Tuesdays to Sunday.(closed on Monday)

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain organises national events and competitions for around 1000 photographic clubs all over the UK. The PAGB policy is to encourage and support all aspects of photography but has one intention, for prints to be displayed on gallery walls.

The Masters of Print Competition and Exhibition is held each year under the chairmanship of Rod Wheelan with the purpose to encourage photographic prints of the highest quality from amateur photographers affiliated through their club to the PAGB. The judges and selectors are ruthless in pursuit of the objectives and look for interesting content, imagination, diversity of subject, technique and good print quality on new largely unseen work created with skill and passion.

The first Mop was launched in 2017 having been generously offered the use of the RK Burt Gallery in Union Street London. Only 60 images could comfortably be displayed in the Gallery and that number has remained ever since. The current exhibition is the 6th MoP and the grand opening took place on the 4th of February this year at St Martin in the Bull Ring Birmingham. It was followed by exhibitions in Liverpool, Carlisle, and Nottingham. Many thanks go to the members from Hailsham PS and Tonbridge CC who entered from the KCPA and congratulations to David Godfrey from Tonbridge who was awarded a Silver Medal for Portrait of a Hoop.

The MoP 7 call for entries begins on the 12th of August and the exhibition will open on the 3rd of February 2024 in the Bull Ring Birmingham and will also appear at the Photography Show in Birmingham. All the information for those wishing to enter the Masters of Print appear on the PAGB website and up to date information can be found by downloading the twice monthly PAGB E-news.

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