The Ross Cup 2014 The Results

Parkwood Camera Club did an amazing job at organising and running the Ross Cup on Saturday.

They were ably led by Tracy Hughes, who had a strong team to support her with the Front of House, the hanging of the images, projection and displaying of the Prints as well as the raffle and resorting all the images ready for collection at the end of the event.
The whole afternoon ran so smoothly, and the Judges’ comments were received by a tightly packed hall, Marcus did a great job and I am sharing this post on the KCPA News Group Facebook Page, which was written by Roy Smart, Sevenoaks CC, and with his permission, reproduce it here, it sums it up very eloquently.

I came away yesterday from the Ross Cup 2014 competition thinking how much I enjoyed Marcus Scott-Taggart’s assessment of the photography he was chosen to judge. Photography as we know, is a non-verbal form of communication and no matter what you may think of an image when you see it – it will have an effect on you at an emotional level, regardless of how you wish to articulate those feelings.

And this is where we should appreciate our judges for the difficult task of interpreting what a photographer is trying to communicate in their image. Marcus helped me see things in yesterday’s prints that I might not have taken the time to see before. I bet like me, you had your favourites when you walked around the exhibited presentation, but when Marcus remarked on the favourites he awarded; he made the ordinary become extra-ordinary. What I had not seen at first was brought to life and made me see why the winners were richly deserved. It is one of the reasons why I love photography so much – and why photography is an art.
Not only did he see things in the images that I didn’t, he was able through his well-versed use of the English language; to convey in words exactly how he felt about an image. All at once my estimation of a judges’ skill in articulating a subject, which essentially may only stay with us on an emotional level was immeasurable. Rather than complain about our judges, let’s make their job a lot easier by making images that speak volumes! Well done Marcus Scott-Taggart.
Roy Smart

Mike Rannard (Parkwood CC) putting the finishing touch to the exhibtion roomAWARDS

WINNERS : The Ross Cup 2014

Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society


Panthera Leo Sue Dixon FCC

Camber at Dusk Tracey Elvidge OPS

Merit Awards :

Beach House Marshall Pinsent

Grey Heron With a Fish Michael Windle ARPS

My First Portrait Gary Stripp

Red Deer. Cervus Elaphus Robert Connelly DPAGB

They Cant See Me For Dust Jeremy Broome-Smith BPE1*

Purity Jennifer Crook

Evening Catch Cathryn Mantovani LRPS

Cheetah Botswana Brian Tabor

The  most improved Club  were Orpington  PS who  went up 23 places! 2013 they were 28th this year  were 5th and awarded the Trophy.

HERE is the Scoreboard for all the Clubs

HERE is the Individual Club's scores

CLICK  HERE for Aperature's Blog Post with all their winning images.


Thank you Parkwood for running the Ross Cup 2014 in such a professional and organised way, and  thank you to the whole team behind the scenes.

Congratulations to Aperture Woolwich PS and Sevenoaks CC, who if they agree, will represent the KCPA at National level in the PAGB championships next year.
Well done to Tracey Elvidge, Orpington PS  for being awarded the Lakeland Holidays Landscape Trophy for her image Camber at Dusk, and Sue Dixon Folkestone CC, justly deserved the Premier Award for Panthera Leo.

Congratulations to all the Merit Award winners listed above.

Eastbourne PS will be running the Event in 2015 the date will be posted on the Calendar as soon as a venue is found.

The winning images are shown in this Gallery.


Then images taken by Kevin Towler and John Brimecombe  of the Exhibition, the Audience, the Judging and the Awards.

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